Van Gogh's Brabant

The Dutch province of North Brabant is Vincent’s homeland! This is where he was born and grew up. This is where he lived half his life. This is where he started his artistic career, producing a quarter of his total oeuvre. Here (in the village of Nuenen) he made his first masterpiece: the potato eaters. This is where you get to know the real Vincent. You can’t get any closer to Vincent van Gogh!


Brabant has no less than 39 official Van Gogh monuments. These are locations where Vincent drew and painted and which he described in his letters. Breda and its surroundings have 14 of these special heritage sites. The most famous are the Vincent van Gogh House in Zundert and the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur, both close to Breda. How amazing: standing in the places where Vincent also stood!


Teaser Becoming Vincent

Film Van Gogh Brabant