Van Gogh National Park

Van Gogh felt really connected to the landscape of the North-Brabant region and this shows in his letters and works. Van Gogh Sites Foundation is involved as a knowledge partner in the development of a Van Gogh National Park. The park connects a variety of typically Brabant landscapes and is surrounded by dynamic cities of Breda, Eindhoven, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg en Waalwijk.

From stream valleys and sandy soils

Discover the greenery to the heart of the attractive villages and towns of North Brabant. Van Gogh National Park: full of streams and rivers between ridges of ice-age sand deposits, marshes and a dense landscape with villages and towns. This national park starts at the front door and everything is within cycling distance. Here we work and play hard. Visitors await a warm welcome.

Tailor your route

Adventurous visitors create their own route in no time via the node network. Walk into the village or cycle out of town. All combinations are conceivable. Whether you're going for urban with a green touch or local traditions and natural beauty. In Van Gogh National Park there’s always something new.

Special experiences

Small-scale and intimate or grand and immersive? The choice is up to you! Van Gogh National Park is inspired by a quirky artist with an eye for simplicity, an innovative genius. Elements that you will find in this park where tradition and the future come together again and again.

Vincent's birthplace

The heritage sites and Van Gogh Monuments in Van Gogh National Park tell the story of Vincent's life and work in Brabant. From his origins in Zundert, where his love for nature arose, to the start of his career in Etten-Leur and his first masterpiece in Nuenen: here you get to know Vincent up close.

Routes and tranquillity

In Van Gogh National Park, activity, and relaxation alternate at a pleasant pace. The Van Gogh cycle route of 435 kilometres and an even larger walking route network will take you through Vincent's birthplace. Numerous local nature and heritage routes are a treat for anyone who likes to discover North Brabant’s unique locations and stories.

Smart’ region and super green

The Van Gogh National Park covers the area around the cities of Breda, Tilburg, 's-Hertogenbosch (den Bosch), Eindhoven and Helmond. A technologically ‘smart’ region, surprisingly innovative and welcoming in the middle of a green landscape.

When Vincent commuted back and forth between Etten and Dordrecht, he wrote this beautiful piece for his brother Theo as a wish for happiness for his birthday on 1 May, 1877:

“Time passes quickly and the days fly by, yet something remains, and the past is not completely lost, we can become richer and firmer in spirit, of character, of heart, we can become richer in God, we can get richer in life’s refined gold, the love for each other and the feeling…”