Green, Limitless & Welcoming

Breda is a city of many assets. A city where limitless conviviality, applied technology and creativity go hand in hand. Where digital innovation is transforming it into a smart city. Where bustling shops, restaurants, events, and festivals are set in a stunning historical setting. Where the greenery penetrates deep into the centre. Breda brings it together!


Breda is devoted to urban sustainability. There is no shortage of ambition and resoluteness: Breda aims to be CO2 neutral by 2044. Sustainable and circular entrepreneurship and eco-conscious travel are encouraged in many ways.  Breda is also literally green, as one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands. With the ‘City in the Park’ project, Breda puts itself on the map as a green metropolis, increases biodiversity and binds and connects residents and businesses.


Breda is an internationally oriented city. Understandable, because Breda is a hub within Europe and focuses on creativity and technological innovation. More and more international technical companies are therefore choosing to establish in Breda and international students are enjoying Breda’s colleges in increasing numbers.


Proud possessor of the title ‘Best City Centre in the Netherlands’ from the end of 2017 to spring 2020, now Breda aims for the designation ‘Most Hospitable European Inner City’ in 2030. That is the goal of our local Entrepreneurs Fund, Breda Marketing, and the Municipality of Breda. Everyone is welcome in Breda’s centre with its rich history and a green environment. Breda’s hospitality makes it a pleasant to live and work here.


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Breda Brings It Together