The appreciation of the city’s rich history does not prevent Breda’s residents from renewing in creative ways, just as their artisanal touch and their work ethic enable striking achievements.

Urban Developments

Breda’s urban developments are surprising. Over the past 25 years, we’ve not only made plans to raise the profile of the city, but we’ve also succeeded as well!
Gems include the development of the railway area (Spoorzone), the reopening of the Port and extending De Mark river. And we’re not done yet. Breda has so many beautiful plans in store, in line with our commitments to a pleasant lifestyle and to climate change, energy transition, circular economy, sustainability and biodiversity. We are proud of our Green Quays project, which brings nature back into the city by greening the inner-city quay walls of the Nieuwe Mark river.

Discover it in Breda

Breda wants greenery within walking distance for everyone. This includes an attractive business climate, with full commitment to applied technology and creativity.

Breda makes the difference: in lively, inspiring networking in collaboration between entrepreneurs, education and government. Innovating and relaxing together. Discover it in Breda.


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